About SoD

National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (NYCU) is a university newly formed in Spring 2021. NYCU is merged from original National Yang-Ming University and National Chiao Tung University for the advances of cross-field creativity and innovation. The College of Dentistry of (COD) in NYCU has two missions: to become a top domestic dental education center for skilled and benevolent clinical dentists; as well as to become internationally renowned translational research center in oral-dental sciences. To achieve this goal, in COD, we provide multidisciplinary training courses with advanced knowledge and modern technique – aiming for nurturing mature dentists, innovative researchers and instructive educators.

The COD of NYCU was established in 2000. It is currently composed of three Department/Institute. The Department of Dentistry (DD) provides undergraduate and postgraduate courses (MS and PhD programs). The students of DD have expertise in not only clinical dentistry but also basic and translational dental sciences. The conventional clinical divisions, public health, artificial intelligence and digital dentistry are the focus of graduate training. The Institute of Oral Biology (IOB) offers MS and PhD programs. The students in the IOB are equipped with knowledge and research potential in the fields of oral biology, oncology, microbiology/immunology, and molecular biology/biochemistry, as well as stem cell sciences and biomechanical engineering.

The third institute, Institute of Oral Tissue Engineering and Biomaterials (IOTEB), was newly approved in 2021. IOTEB will offer master trainings in tissue engineering, dental materials, 3D printing and digital dentistry. The entrepreneurship directed courses to be provided are aimed to cultivate specialists for dental industry.

Since NYCU is research-oriented, the COD is supplied with advanced research facilities. While digital dentistry is the future trend of clinical dentistry. Students are cultivated to be familiar with informatics and digital technology. Numbers of courses about Digital Dentistry, both on-site and on-line, are opened to both domestic and international physicians. The intramural collaboration of COD with engineering and optoelectronic institutions in NYCU has facilitated the progress of research and the improvement of teaching systems. The COD of NYCU possess sister-link agreement with more than forty dental schools worldwide. This resource enables international collaboration for faculties development and global mobility for students. In addition, COD is also strongly supported by alumni in the international and domestic affairs, and the renewal of hardware.