Lee Shyh-Yuan


Shyh-Yuan Lee  


Department of Dentistry

College of Dentistry

National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, Taiwan


DDS (National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan)

Prosthodontics Certificate (Boston University, USA)

DScD (Boston University, USA)

Prosthodontics Board (Taiwan)

Family Dentistry Board (Taiwan)

Appointment Status:                                                         

Distinguished Professor, NYCU

Attending Doctor, Taipei Veterans General Hospital

Researcher, Taipei City Hospital


Prosthodontics, Dental Materials, Implant Dentistry



International Association of Dental Research

Chinese Dental Association

The Academy of Prosthetic Dentistry, ROC

The Association of Family Dentistry, ROC

Research Interests:                                                           

Additive manufacture of dental prostheses

Applications of optical coherence tomography in Dentistry

Development of interpenetrating composites

Strengthening mechanism of dental ceramics

Biomechanics in implantology

Clinical studies in dentistry


2015-2018 Dean of Academic Affairs, National Yang-Ming University

2008-2014 Dean of School of Dentistry, National Yang-Ming University

2007-2009 Executive Supervisor, Association for Dental Sciences, ROC

2006-2007 Acting Director, Institute of Clinical Dentistry, National Yang-Ming University

2003-2007 Director, Department of Dentistry, National Yang-Ming University

2003-2006 Executive Director, Association for Dental Sciences, ROC


2021 Merit program of teaching practice research program, Ministry of Education, Taiwan

2021 Best teaching attending physician Award, VGHTPE, Taiwan

2020 The National Innovation Award of Taiwan Government

2019 Innovation Award in Medical Treatment Technology, VGHTPE, Taiwan

2018 Outstanding Exhibition Award, Department of Engineering and Technologies, MOST

2016 Medical Equipment Innovation R&D Contribution Award, TFDA

2016 Gold medal award, Taipei International Invention and Technology Trade Show

2015 Excellent Doctor Award, Veterans Affairs Commission, Executive Yuan, Taiwan

2015 Distinguished Teaching Award, National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan

2014 Special Contribution Gold Award, Taiwan Dental Association, Taiwan

2014 Distinguished Alumni Award, National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan

2010-present Academic Excellence Award, National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan

2007 Innovation Award in Medical Treatment Technology, VGHTPE, Taiwan

2006 Excellent Doctor Award, Veterans Affairs Commission, Executive Yuan, Taiwan

2002 Fellow, International College of Dentistry

2000 Outstanding Alumni Award, Alumni association of School of Dentistry, NYMU

2000 Member of the Fidelity Honor Society

1997 Research award, National Science Council, Taiwan

1994: The David J. Baraben Award presented by Boston University, USA

1992-1996: National Scholarship granted by National Science Council, Taiwan

Publications (5-Year)                                                         

  1. Jiang CP, Hentihu MFR, Lee SY, Lin R. Multiresin Additive Manufacturing Process for Printing a Complete Denture and an Analysis of Accuracy. 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing. 2021: accepted(SCI).
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Email Address: sylee@nycu.edu.tw